SYMBIO-TIC project, started on 1st April 2015 with a term of four years, addresses important issues towards a safe, dynamic, intuitive and cost effective working environment were immersive and symbiotic collaboration between human workers and robots can take place and bring significant benefits to robot-reluctant industries.



The Consortium of SYMBIO-TIC project is formed by 15 partners from Sweden, Hungary, Greece, Austria, Finland, Germany and Spain. Research centers, universities and companies work together to develop solutions for a new working environment in which the collaboration of humans and robots plays a significant role

OBJECTIVES: Human-Robot collaboration

This SYMBIO-TIC project is addressing the topic H2020-FoF-6-2014, aiming at a novel hybrid assembly/packaging ecosystem in dynamic factory environment based on human robot collaboration.

This project adresses next specific objectives:

  • Objective 1: To develop an active collision avoidance subsystem to safeguard human workers.
  • Objective 2: To generate adaptive task plans appropriate to both robots and human workers.
  • Objective 3: To adapt to dynamic changes with intuitive and multimodal programming.
  • Objective 4: To provide human workers with in-situ assistance on what-to-do and how-to-do.
  • Objective 5: To demonstrate and validate the project concept and solutions.

The fifth specific objective is to validate the SYMBIO-TIC outcomes and their scalability through 3 physical demonstrator of varying scenarios in 3 industrial sectors: food-processing, aeronautic and automotive.