Scientific Methodology and Work Packages

This project consists of 8 work packages.

The project starts with a critical phase thoroughly identifying and addressing the safety issue of human workers in robot-coexisting environment (WP1). In parallel, a factory-level dynamic planning and control cockpit (WP2) is designed and developed as an integrated portal to other system modules. The cockpit is essential for generating task plans on the fly and coordinating shared assembly/packaging tasks between human workers and robots in tight collaboration. These two WPs  contribute to the base of a demonstration platform. Other technical modules, Adaptive Robot Control (WP3), and Mobile Worker Assistance (WP4) are built into the system in phase 2. The 4 modules form an integrated test-bed, which also serves as the platform for Real-World Demonstrators (WP5) in phase 3.

The consortium considers project results dissemination, exploitation and standardisation highly important being SYMBIO-TIC an innovation action. Therefore, separate work packages are assigned to the dissemination, exploitation and standardisation activities in order to bring a greater impact to European manufacturing industries. The figure shown below provides an overview of all work packages, highlighting the main dependencies between the work packages and the principal results produced.