SYMBIO-TIC Final Video

SYMBIO-TIC is a very innovative project. It addressed important European manufacturing challenges issues towards a safe, dynamic, intuitive and cost-effective industrial working environment through the collaboration between human workers and robots.

In order to implement such a human-robot tight collaborative system, four challenges have been addressed and different marketable product have been developed:

  • How to safeguard human workers at all time when interacting with robots in a shared fenceless environment.
  • How to generate who-do-what work plans on the fly suitable for the human-robot mixed tasks.
  • How to adapt dynamic changes and control robots quickly and correctly with zero programming for robot users.
  • How to interface with robots via multimodal interfaces efficiently as well as to instruct human workers on what-to-do and/or how-to-do effectively, especially for human-robot complex assembly/packaging tasks.

The above 4 challenges are addressed in this project through innovative technologies based on smart sensors (visual, auditory, haptic, etc.), and self-adaptive decision algorithms.

At the end of the SYMBIOTIC project, 11 different Business Plans and Key Exploitable Results have been identified and assessed. Two of them have been qualified as high market-oriented results. Therefore, they are being developed as potential Business Plans. 


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