Arkaitz Uriarte (IDEKO)

Arkaitz Uriarte (IDEKO)

Created on: 04 April 2019

SYMBIO-TIC Final Video

SYMBIO-TIC is a very innovative project. It addressed important European manufacturing challenges issues towards a safe, dynamic, intuitive and cost-effective industrial working environment through the collaboration between human workers and robots.

In order to implement such a human-robot tight collaborative system, four challenges have been addressed and different marketable product have been developed:

  • How to safeguard human workers at all time when interacting with robots in a shared fenceless environment.
  • How to generate who-do-what work plans on the fly suitable for the human-robot mixed tasks.
  • How to adapt dynamic changes and control robots quickly and correctly with zero programming for robot users.
  • How to interface with robots via multimodal interfaces efficiently as well as to instruct human workers on what-to-do and/or how-to-do effectively, especially for human-robot complex assembly/packaging tasks.

The above 4 challenges are addressed in this project through innovative technologies based on smart sensors (visual, auditory, haptic, etc.), and self-adaptive decision algorithms.

At the end of the SYMBIOTIC project, 11 different Business Plans and Key Exploitable Results have been identified and assessed. Two of them have been qualified as high market-oriented results. Therefore, they are being developed as potential Business Plans. 

Created on: 02 July 2018

Automatica 2018

The SYMBIO-TIC project was presented at the ProFactor Booth at Automatica 2018.Automatica features the world’s largest range of industrial and service robotics, assembly solutions, machine vision systems and components. It gives companies from all relevant branches of industry access to innovations, knowledge and trends with a great deal of business relevance.

Created on: 02 July 2018

BIEMH, International Machine Tool Exhibition Bilbao, País Vasco (Spain) on 28th of May – 01st of June 2018

PRODINTEC and IDEKO presented at the BIEMH 2018 fair an overview of SYMBIO-TIC Project at its exhibitor from 28/05/2018 to 01/06/2018. BIEMH has become one of the most important trade shows of its kind in Europe thanks to the presence of leading international companies working in the fields of machinery, process automation, tools and components and metrology.

Created on: 02 July 2018

Seminar:Robotics and machine vision applied to industry on 15th of May 2018 in Gijón, Asturias (Spain)

The seminar, organized by FEMETAL and PRODINTEC at PRODINTEC`´s facilities (May 15 2018), focussed on Robotics and Machine Vision applied to industry. Symbio-TIC Project was introduced by Luis, Nuria and Silvia.

Created on: 02 July 2018

Global Robot Expo on 18–20th April 2018 in Madrid Spain

Global Robot Expo is a B2B international event on robotics, technology and innovation, annually held in Madrid (Spain). From the 18th till the 20th of April 2018, PRODINTEC presented an overview of SYMBIO-TIC Project at its exhibitor.

Created on: 02 July 2018

Grand Opening of Assar Industrial Innovation Arena on 2nd of March 2018

During the grand opening of ASSAR Industrial Innovation Arena (March 2 2018) with more than 300 visitors, Oscar and Patrick demonstrated work done during their PhD-studies as part of SYMBIO-TIC.

Created on: 02 July 2018

Automotive Hungary on 18-20th of October 2017

MTA SZTAKI attended the AUTOMOTIVE HUNGARY, the 5th International Exhibit1on for Automotive Industry Suppliers between 18-20th of October at HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Centre. In its separate booth in Pavilon A, MTA SZTAKI's newest R&D&I results were exhibited and demonstrated for the public with a strong focus on human-robot collaboration.

Created on: 02 July 2018

CRIP General Assembly on 20 – 26th of August 2017 in Lugano (Switzerland)

In August 2017, Dr. Vincent Wang gave a speech about the EU SYMBIO-TIC project results at the 57th CIRP General Assembly in Lugano, Switzerland. The speech focuses on the classification framework of Human-Robot Collaboration, which is a collaborative work between KTH and SZTAKI

Created on: 02 July 2018

Central European Cooperation for Industry 4.0 Workshop on 20-21st of September 2017 in Budapest, Hungary

With the contribution of SZTAKI's researchers the city of Budapest hosted the CENTRAL EUROPEAN COOPERATION FOR INDUSTRY 4.0 Workshop with more than 130 participants. The purpose of the event was to provide an opportunity for cooperation and exchanging ideas for the actors involved and interested in Industry4.0 related research, development, innovation and funding. With Human-Robot Collaboration as the main topic of the workshop, MTA SZTAKI was represented by its director Prof. László Monostori as a key-note speaker, by Prof. József Váncza (head of EMI Lab.) as the moderator of a panel discussion on human-robot collaboration, by Dr. Gábor Erdős and by Dr. Géza Haidegger (senior research associates) as presenters.
Created on: 02 July 2018

Industry 2025 Workshop on 7th of February 2017 in Stockholm (Sweden)

On Feb 7th 2017, Dr. Vincent Wang presented the EU SYMBIO-TIC project at the Industry 2025 workshop on behalf of the project consortium. The workshop was organized at the World Trade Center, Stockholm, Sweden, focusing on the changing technologies demanded by the future industry. In Dr. Wang’s speech, the Human-Robot Collaboration technology was introduced together with the results and outlooks of the EU SYMBIO-TIC project.
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